Subletting & Lodgers

What is Subletting?

Subletting is where you move out and rent out the whole of your home to another person or family. Tenants of Willow Tree Housing Partnership do not have the right to sublet their home under any circumstances. 

If we find out that a tenant has moved out and is subletting their home, we will take action to end the tenancy.

What about lodgers?

Taking in a lodger is where you rent out a room in your home to someone else but you keep living in the property. Tenants are able to take in a lodger but you must make sure that:-

  • You inform us that you are taking in a lodger.
  • You don’t give your lodger a tenancy agreement.
  • You don’t move out.
  • The lodger doesn’t have exclusive use of any part of your home except their bedroom.
  • You must not charge a lodger more than the rent for the property.

If you have any queries about sub-letting or taking in a lodger then please 'Contact Us'.