Ending your Tenancy

In order to end your tenancy, you must give Willow Tree Housing Partnership notice, which in most cases is 4 weeks, to end on a Sunday. You will need to provide us with a signed letter giving your notice.

Please remember that your rent will need to be paid until the end of your tenancy.

You will need to clear the property of all your goods and make sure it is clean.

We will arrange for your property to be inspected and advise you of any repairs that you need to do before you leave.

There are a few things to do before you hand back your keys to us, so please refer to the Moving Out Handbook Leaflet for more details.

If you are ending the tenancy on behalf of a tenant who has died, then please 'Contact Us' to discuss the notice period, and to make the necessary arrangements regarding the property.

If you have any queries please call your Housing Officer on 01934 750780.