Details on how Willow Tree Housing Partnership calculates rents is explained in the Rent Handbook Leaflet. In each case the amount that you pay, and how your rent is calculated, is set by the Government.

Please remember that you need to pay your rent weekly or monthly in advance to stop your account from going into arrears. We have a number of ways to pay your rent:-

  • By Direct Debit - This is the preferred method of payment if you have a bank account. You will be contacted at the start of your tenancy in order to set up a direct debit. To set up a direct debit call us on 01934 750780.
  • Pay via the MyTenancy - online portal for tenants, click on the MyTenancy logo to set up your account or log in.
  • Pay via AllPay - Call Allpay on 0330 041 6497 and an automatic voice system will help you make your payment , OR click on the logo or download the app. You can use your AllPay card at a Paypoint outlet.

Mytenancy Logo

Allpay Logo

  • Standing Order - You can also pay by standing order, call us on 01934 750780 for details.
  • At the Post Office or PayPoint - with your WTHP payment card. To request a payment card call us on 01934 750780.
  • Online Banking - If you have access to online banking you can make a direct payment to our bank account, contact us on 01934 750780 for details.
  • By Phone - If you are a Rentplus or former Tamar Housing tenant, and have a debit card, you can pay by phoning our offices on 01934 750780.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding paying your rent, call 01934 750780 as soon as possible. Further information and advice is available from external agencies in the 'More Help and Advice' section below.