Asbestos is unlikely to have been used in properties built after the mid 1980s, and from 1993 its use was banned in most products. It is a naturally occurring material, which by itself is not dangerous, but when a product containing asbestos is damaged, the fibres are released into the air. Asbestos fibres can cause serious damage to your lungs when breathed in.

It is very unlikely that the levels of fibres in your home are dangerous, even if your home has material containing asbestos. 

Due to the risks of exposure to asbestos fibres, the Government has made laws to protect people. As your landlord, these laws oblige us to protect our residents and employees from the risks of asbestos.

Willow Tree Housing Partnership has conducted a full asbestos survey of our properties. The survey was carried out by a specially trained surveyor with access to chemical analysis to allow us to identify what contains asbestos.

We have removed asbestos from our properties where it is not safe to leave it in place. Our register tells us where the remaining asbestos is, the type and condition of the material.

Please refer to the Asbestos Handbook Leaflet and do 'Contact Us' if you have any questions.