Planned Maintenance

Willow Tree Housing Partnership uses the information in the stock condition survey, to inform the decisions about which components of our housing, needs to be replaced and when this should happen.

A consultation exercise was carried out with our residents to identify the relative priorities of the different components.  Our residents said that replacing the windows was the most important, followed by rewiring, then kitchens and finally bathrooms.  We use this information to help plan our work and we carry out a variety of major repair works including:-

  • Kitchen replacements
  • Bathroom replacements
  • Replacement boilers
  • New windows
  • Rewiring
  • Redecoration for external paintworks
  • Communal redecoration

To find out how long the various elements of your home, such as your bathroom, are expected to last before needing to be replaced (known as the life cycle), please refer to the Expected Life Cycles of Your Home Handbook Leaflet.

If you have any queries or questions then please 'Contact Us'.