Anti-Social Behaviour

Willow Tree Housing Partnership believes that all residents have the right to enjoy their homes without nuisance or annoyance from their neighbours. Where there is anti-social behaviour (ASB), we will do what it can, in partnership, and with the support of residents,  to resolve problems as quickly as possible.  Where appropriate we will take legal action against residents or neighbours who cause ASB.

Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour which may cause alarm, distress or upset to others, for example:-

  • loud music, shouting or noise nuisance
  • violence against people or property
  • nuisance from pets 
  • inconsiderate behaviour

If the ASB continues, you will be asked to complete ASB Diary Sheets, which provide details on dates, times and the details of the ASB.

There are some types of ASB which are treated as serious incidents which may need to reported to the Police, Local Authority or Environmental Health. In all cases the options will be discussed with the person who reported the ASB. There are a number of legal remedies available where ASB is persitent and excessive. 

For more information please refer to the Anti-Social Behaviour Handbook Leaflet. To report ASB please complete the Report ASB online form.

If you have any questions or queries then please 'Contact Us'.